These slip on clogs are great!!! Immediately comfortable and I’m able to stay on my feet all day with no pain!!!


Therafit makes me feel like I’m walking around on a cloud.

Fitz Gainseville, FL

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Why Therafit



Therafit's Patented and Accredited Technology for Women's Shoes

Our patented technology was developed to deliver comfortable women's footwear with personalized comfort and support. Therafit Shoe worked very closely with Cornell University Professor Dr. Richard Lennihan, an avid runner and pioneering vascular surgeon, to create the unique patented technology used in every one of our products. Our goal is to improve how you feel throughout the day. By using multiple layers of cushioning and support with varying densities inside each and every shoe, the shock of each step is distributed downward and outward. The result is  extremely comfortable shoes that cushion your foot on impact, helping to reduce the aches and pains that come from the stress of everyday activities. Durable materials provide a shoe product that can go the distance for both work and play.

Our patented PCS technology  allows you to "personalize"the comfort level upon foot impact. By inserting or removing the rod inserts in the heel of the shoe, the impact resistance, the strike force, and the cushioning level is modified, as well as the heel angle and foot positioning relative to the ground.  The ultimate result is that this gives the you a varying and easily modifiable level of comfort and foot support depending on your own personal needs. Different foot types as well as different arches can all benefit from this PCS "personal comfort system".

Therafit's Multi-Layer Women's Shoe Technology

How Therafit Technology Works?

Therafit Technology in Action