These slip on clogs are great!!! Immediately comfortable and I’m able to stay on my feet all day with no pain!!!


Therafit makes me feel like I’m walking around on a cloud.

Fitz Gainseville, FL

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Three-Month Charitable Shoe Campaign to Support Cleft Surgery for Children Around the World. Therafit Shoe has been giving back through our One Step Forward program since 2012 and we're excited to announce our latest charity partnership with Smile Train and their celebrity ambassador Kristen Taekman.

Be Comfortable and Fashionable This Summer

Posted on in Sole Recommended by Amy Cocke
You know what makes a vacation? Shoes. Wait, wait, hear us out. You and your family have been looking forward to this trip for months. Do you really want to cut your adventures short because your feet hurt? Or because those “comfort” shoes are so heavy you feel like you’re in the middle of some torturous new workout trend? (Admit it: you’re kind of embarrassed to wear those grandma shoes, anyway.) We’re here for you. We have cute and comfy sandals, sneakers, and casual shoes to fit any outfit or activity.

Improving Your “Function” in 2016

Posted on in Body Recommended Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.

A good foundation is the beginning of a new, more successful you. And it all starts with a good mental outlook; positive energy coming from within; and a desire to function in a healthier and more active way.

Let us help by supporting you. Our new, functional women’s foot orthotics recently added to our product line can give you the added support you need.

Are You Suffering from Ball of Foot Pain (metatarsalgia)

Posted on in Body Recommended Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.
Do your shoes cause the ball of your foot to hurt? Is walking barefoot painful? You may be experiencing loss of the fat pad in your foot, or have bones that are more prominent than others (metatarsals). This prominence causes your weight to overload on those bones.

What Causes Heel Pain (Plantar Faciitis) and How Can I Treat It?

Posted on in Body Recommended Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.

Heel pain – ouch! It can really hurt and affect your lifestyle. During the early stages of this condition, stiffness in the foot might be your first clue. It may have started with a sensation like a stone bruise under the heel of your foot.

Top 10 Health Tips for Women

Posted on in Body Recommended by Danielle Forsythe

Every day there seems to be new advice on how to live well. You end up chasing after the latest fads in nutrition and fitness, and then feel like you’re wasting time and money. We here at Therafit Shoe feel your pain!

Getting Your Feet Ready for Sandals!

Posted on in Body Recommended by Danielle Forsythe
It’s finally that time. The sun is out, the birds are singing, the weather is warming. You can break out your summer wardrobe and give your feet freedom in cute sandals.

B Corp Best in Community Honoree

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Therafit Shoe is a company that believes that business has a higher social purpose beyond profit. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation since November 2013. B Corp certification is a prestigious designation that is awarded to companies which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.