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Fitz Gainseville, FL

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5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

Posted on in Body by Amy Cocke

Don’t worry – you still have time.

Just because you haven’t fulfilled your New Year’s resolution of losing weight yet doesn’t mean you can’t do it this year. In fact, choosing to lose weight during the summer can actually be beneficial to your weight-loss goals.

  • You’re more willing to exercise during the better weather.
  • You don’t eat as much when it’s hot.

Yes, you’re busy with the kids being out of school and planning for vacations. But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Prepare for Summer with These Beauty Products

Posted on in Body by Amy Cocke

Summer’s finally here. We’re all gearing up for a long season of beaches, boats, and barbecues.

Not so fast! Summer brings special challenges for health and beauty. Heat and humidity make many of our favorite beauty products feel like sticky messes. And you have to find the perfect balance between enjoying the sun and taking care of yourself.

How do you get the most of these long days and warm weather without wrecking your skin or hair?

Arch Pain: The Location Makes a Difference

Posted on in Body Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.

You’re walking along, focusing on work or your children or your grocery list. But then a sharp pain shoots up from the arch of your foot. It’s so sudden you stumble.

What is this pain? What causes it? Arch pain has many forms and causes, and it all depends on where the pain is located in your foot.

Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Arthritis Pain

Posted on in Body by Amy Cocke
Chances are you’ve experienced the effects of arthritis. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reports one-fifth of people over 18 in the United States are affected. And it’s easy to see why. Though arthritis simply means “joint inflammation,” the NCHS says the word is often used to describe “over 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions affecting joints,” such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout. But no matter what type of arthritis you have, it hurts.

7 Inflammatory Foods to Cut from Your Life

Posted on in Body by Amy Cocke
We know too much inflammation is a bad thing. It’s a necessary part of life. In fact, it’s a part of the healing process. But if something happens to us or our children, we check constantly for the telltale swelling and redness that mean the inflammation is getting out of control. And sustained inflammation leads to worse things such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease. But not all inflammation is that obvious. And injuries aren’t the only cause. Sometimes it’s your food.

Improving Your “Function” in 2016

Posted on in Body Recommended Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.

A good foundation is the beginning of a new, more successful you. And it all starts with a good mental outlook; positive energy coming from within; and a desire to function in a healthier and more active way.

Let us help by supporting you. Our new, functional women’s foot orthotics recently added to our product line can give you the added support you need.

Meet the Survivors

Posted on in Body by Nichole Dawkins
Last year, we rounded up a few famous women who have battled breast cancer and shared their stories. To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year, we have updated this list with a some more inspiring women who have also shared their battles with breast cancer, some as recent as this year.

6 Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Posted on in Body by nichole Dawkins
To kick off our new blog series, we will go over foods that have been proven to help prevent breast cancer!