These slip on clogs are great!!! Immediately comfortable and I’m able to stay on my feet all day with no pain!!!


Therafit makes me feel like I’m walking around on a cloud.

Fitz Gainseville, FL

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4 Women Pioneers You Probably Don't Know

Posted on in Mind by Amy Cocke

There are many women pioneers. And there's room in history for many more.

You probably haven't heard of the accomplishments of these four women. What they did in their lives was overshadowed by others, or even ignored completely.

The Therafit team wants to acknowledge and salute the efforts of these women. We certainly feel their impact today.

When we say, write, and photograph things others don’t agree with, when we travel to places where we’ve never been before, we have women like these four to thank.

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Join Therafit in Celebrating International Women's Day

Posted on in Mind by Amy Cocke

Wednesday is International Women's Day.

It's an important day. But at Therafit Shoe, it's just more of the usual.

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Walk Your Way to Pain- and Embarrassment-Free Weight Loss

Posted on in Body by Amy Cocke
You've wanted to lose weight for so long. You've changed your diet - and it helped, but not enough. You tried jogging, but your knees and ankles hurt so badly you barely moved for the next three days. How is that going to help you lose weight? You tried going to the gym, but everyone else there is already so skinny. Are they laughing at you as you struggle with weights and exercises? (They say they aren't, but...) You tried Zumba, but after the third time you flailed into the person next to you because you couldn't figure out the moves, you vowed never to go back. You just need something simple. That works. It's time to try walking.
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In the New Year, Be a New You

Posted on in Mind by Amy Cocke

The New Year is here. For many people this means New Year’s resolutions.

Only 8% of those people will actually accomplish their resolution.

But we don’t want you to be a part of the 92%. In fact, this post isn’t about setting and attaining a New Year’s resolution at all.

This post is about helping you become a new you.

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Get Ready for the Holidays in Your Therafit Shoes

Posted on in Mind by Amy Cocke
Your in-laws are coming for a holiday visit. You’re sure you’re forgetting some presents from your list. And when will you have time to make all of that food?!!
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The Holiday Season is Coming - As Hostess You Get to Wear Comfortable Shoes!

Posted on in Sole by Amy Cocke

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Everyone we know is hosting one, including you.

And while you want to dress to impress at those other parties, you should give yourself a break at your own. After all, how can you keep an eye on the food and greet your guests if you’re teetering around on break-neck heels?

Those heels are going to cause a lot of problems long-term – and leave you exhausted by the end of the night. Going in the opposite direction and hosting in your slippers is just as bad for your feet. They lack the support your arches need for the long periods of standing that are ahead.

But – great news! Just because you’re giving your feet a break AND keeping an eye on the festivities doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style. Meet the shoes that are going to allow you to have your (fruit) cake and eat it, too.

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How to Manage Pain in Your Longer Second Toe

Posted on in Ask The Doc by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.
An old wives’ tale is that it’s easy to tell the leader of the family. For that person, the toe next to the big toe (called the second toe) is longer.
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How to Choose the Best Fitting Shoes for Cold Weather

Posted on in Sole by Pam Haig, CPed., BOCPed.

Fall is here! We need to get prepared for winter shoe styles and some indoor activities. The holidays will have us busy with festivities. First Halloween with the children trick-or-treating. Then onto Thanksgiving and Christmas. What about those added tasks? How do we know our feet are ready for the holiday season?

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