"Feels like I'm walking on a permanent cushion! " Noelle   Brooklyn, NY
"Therafit makes shoes that are super comfy right away, which is a must for a fitness shoe. " Kimberly   Santa Barbara, CA
"The first thing I did when I got home was put on my Therafits and it was like a little slice of heaven. " Deb   Enfield, CT
"Love my new Deborah's...Can't wait to wear them for my Zumba class tonight " Christine   Cheektowaga, NY
"I have patella tendinitis. Somehow, by removing the center adapter on both shoes, I can run pain free again!" Natalya   Miami, FL
"This lightweight trainer will give lasting support throughout the 12 hour day." Colleen   Youngstown, OH
"LOVE the new sandals!!! I want one of each style!#FABULOUS #BlingME #Tiffany #Sandy #Carly" Run Kat   Seattle,WA
"The Therafit sandal is perfzies with a maxi dress, beach gear, shorts, or whatever else as you mosey around town." Bryce   NY, NY
"I liked the Tiffany Sandal SO much, that I'm making them the advice sisters "Weekly Obsession" in June." Alison   NY,NY
"Sure wish I had the new @TherafitShoe sandals to be comfy AND look cute while walking around the @NashvilleZoo today!" Sami   Nashville, TN
"I have one word - PLUSH! I wear them on rounds in my hospital and to walk the dog or run errands. They are a great all-round option for me." Tina   Orlando, FL
"I love the adjustable resistance control feature - once I removed the adapters, it was even more comfortable and bouncy in the step." Marcia   Miami, FL
"I received a lot of comments on the style and color (hot pink) - people would stop me and say those are so cute!" Melinda   Los Angeles, CA
"They are squishy, and that's a good thing for your feet." Katie   Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I love my new Deborah's...Can't wait to wear them for my ZUMBA class tonight!!! Love the pink color too!! Christine   Cheektowaga, NY
"This lightweight trainer will give lasting support throughout your 12-hour days" Colleen   Youngstown, OH
"Excited to share this shoe fetish." Amber   NY, NY
"LOVING our new @Therafitshoe! Wore them when filming our #jogging #stroller segment today." Rachel   LA, CA
"Love them!! They are so comfy...I took off my heels and wore them all day!" Jennifer   LA, CA
"We abolsutely LOVE our Therafit shoes! You've won two non-sneaker fans over." Los Tweens   Miami, FL
"The entire construction of the sandal feels like it was designed to fit your feet like a glove. (Isn’t that what all shoes should feel like?)" Sarah Jean-Ballard   Mason, NH
"Guess who's wearing them to work to enjoy the 12-hour wear? this girl, hello!" Kat   Tampa, FL
"The truth is they improved my posture, my wardrobe and my overall enthusiasm for working out. " Madamedeals.com   Palmyra, VA
"They are super comfy to wear, and I don’t have any complaints except - I need one of each color..." ChicNSavvy    
"If I had to sum up how I felt about my Therafit sneakers in one word (alright three words), I would say 'Heaven on Earth!'" Nancy    
"Therafit Sandy Pink Sandals are everything you are looking for in a sandal. This is like the Mercedes Benz of sandals." April   Jackson, MS

Everytime You Buy We Give

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We are a company committed to giving. Therafit Shoe is a company that believes that business can have a higher social purpose. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation, a prestigious designation that is awarded to companies which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.




Ways Therafit Give to animals


Caregiving goes beyond the human touch. Preservation of our planet and it's resources, including the animals who live by land or sea, is a critical mission for our long term sustainability. Therafit supports animal rescue & adoptions!


Ways Therafit Give to children


Our future is built on the promise of our children. Fostering their growth and development through education, arts funding, wellness programs and special needs inclusion is critical to the enhancement of our communities. Therafit wants to walk with you on this journey!


Ways Therafit Give to woman health

Women's Health

A woman's health is the single most important factor to her entire well-being. Healthy living; disease prevention, awareness,and support; and research & development all help to make a difference in the lives of others. Women lead by example. Let Therafit help you take the first step!


Ways Therafit Give Community Outreach

Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to our local community.  To us, everyone is a neighbor and friend. Show your support one step at a time with Therafit's One Step Forward Giving program, and let us give direct help to those in need!



We are a company committed to giving. Therafit Shoe belives that each and every person can make a difference. Our goal in social responsibility is to give back through charitable outreach and empowerment initiates dedicated to programs of interest to woman and children across the country.


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Every purchase you make helps us make a positive impact. Learn More.

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